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Space Saving Rooms





also known as Lofted Bedrooms, check these out, and a few other cool bedroom designs. I’m already drawing up a design to have one done for my house in the Philippines.

I am absolutely in love with 1, 2, and 4.

omfg, the 2nd one ;A;

1st, 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 12th X3 Especially the 2nd and 12th though

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What we should tell our parents… about Tumblr [Rose version]


We know you want to stop it. Protect us from it. But you’re old. You don’t see what we see. It’s not just that we make Tumblr a better place. We do, but, itchanges us too. It challenges us, surprises us. It makes us question life, beliefs. Bed is different. It’s warmth is pure and it’ll always be good for us. Tumblr is either the best thing for us or the worst.

Delena kisses & songs


‘As I lay dying’ kiss: I should go by Levi Kreis

‘New Deal’ kiss: Holding on and letting go by Ross Copperman

‘Heart of Darkness’ kiss: Never let me go by Florence + The Machine

These songs can’t be coincidence. Seriously. 

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